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Ford Announces The Restart Of F-150 Lightning Production After Temporary Halt

Ford`s been having an outstanding run with its famous electric powered truck, the Ford F-one hundred fifty Lightning. The recognition of the truck may be judged with the aid of using the truth that it bagged greater than 200,000 reservations in 2021, proper after bookings opened. Ford commenced handing over the F-150s to purchasers in 2022, with the primary of the deliveries setting out in May of that year. 

Together with the Rivian, the F-one hundred fifty Lightning has turn out to be the maximum famous electric powered truck withinside the U.S. In truth, numerous reviews suggest the F-one hundred fifty Lightning may want to turn out to be the best-promoting electric powered truck withinside the U.S. in 2023.

Ford has performed properly to cater to America's insatiable call for for substantial vans. To make the deal sweeter for any ability Tesla Cybertruck consumers who're waiting, Ford has made numerous enhancements to the device in phrases of specifications and features. Notable amongst those consist of a bump withinside the strength output and variety for the Lightning. While those improvements have additionally include an growth in price, this appears to have had little effect on purchasers who're booking the F-one hundred fifty Lightning in growing numbers.

Ford's dream run with the F-one hundred fifty Lightning had its first obstacle in February of 2023 after Ford unexpectedly halted manufacturing of the truck. A month later, Ford showed that it's miles resuming making the truck again — a great deal to the relaxation of ability F-one hundred fifty proprietors anticipating deliveries.

Why did Ford quickly forestall making the F-one hundred fifty Lightning?

Less than a month ago, Ford needed to unexpectedly forestall the manufacturing run of its a great deal acclaimed electric powered pickup due to the fact the business enterprise changed into compelled to enact a "forestall-construct and an in-transit forestall-ship" order for a ability battery difficulty.

Initially, Ford did now no longer monitor the precise nature of the battery difficulty, main numerous to invest at the problem. Ford, however, quick cleared the air round the problem after it showed that the manufacturing changed into halted after one car changed into located to have a battery difficulty in the course of a habitual pre-shipping first-rate inspection. The business enterprise then released an inner research into the problem, following which the foundation purpose of the problem changed into identified. Ford to start with predicted to renew manufacturing with the aid of using the final week of February, which did now no longer happen.

On March 2, 2023, the business enterprise issued every other assertion confirming that they may resume making the F-one hundred fifty Lightning — beginning on March 13, 2023. The assertion clarified that the 11-day postpone changed into because of an difficulty with the providers of the F-one hundred fifty's battery pack. Finally, on February 13, 2023, Ford CEO Jim Farley made an reputable assertion on Twitter confirming that the business enterprise had resumed manufacturing of the F-one hundred fifty lightning.

Ford manufactures all its F-one hundred fifty Lightning vans on the business enterprise's Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. This facility has been recognized for being the house of the F-one hundred fifty Lightning because the business enterprise commenced generating the vans there in April of 2022.

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