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Watch: Biden Leaves Press Meet Midway, Ignores Questions On Banking Crisis

US President Joe Biden is thought to go away press meets halfway however a video displaying him ducking out of a briefing at the Silicon Valley Bank crumble on Monday, mid-question, has sparked criticism.

When President Biden ended his comments on "retaining a resilient banking machine and defensive our anciental financial recovery", a reporter requested, "President, what do you understand proper now approximately why this happened? And are you able to guarantee Americans that there won`t be a ripple effect?"


Without a 2d glance, the President commenced strolling away. "Will different banks fail, Mr President," requested any other reporter, however Mr Biden had left the room.

The video of Mr Biden strolling out, at the White House's YouTube channel, has long gone viral with over 4 million views. Comments were became off, which has induced a backlash on Twitter.

This isn't the primary time that the United States President has left a room complete of newshounds trying more. After creating a announcement at the China "undercover agent balloon" incident, reporters leapt at Mr Biden with questions. After being requested with the aid of using a reporter, "Are you compromised with the aid of using your family's enterprise relationships?" Mr Biden stated, "supply me a break, man" and walked off.

Last year, a clip of him smiling at newshounds as they roared questions at him after his assembly with the Colombian president went viral as well. Many on social media stated he "refuses to talk to reporters due to the fact he does not have the answers".

In 2021, a reporter referred to as out the President for now no longer taking questions. A CBS reporter stated as Joe Biden became to go away the room, "When will you solution questions on your assembly with Xi Jinping and different leaders? When will you solution our questions, sir?"

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